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3dim builds upon breakthrough signal processing and machine learning algorithms that brings touchless gestural control and 3D sensing to mobile devices, wearables and smart home appliances. 3dim’s cameraless, firmware-level solutions enable millimeter-accurate 3D gesture recognition that works under all lighting conditions and operates at a tiny fraction of the power and computational complexity of existing solutions.

Andrea Colaco

A PhD from the MIT Media Lab and the Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT, Andrea focuses on developing low-power 3D acquisition systems and designing effective touchless user interfaces. She obtained the BS degree in electrical engineering from BITS Pilani, India, graduating with top honors, and she has worked at leading global technology companies. Andrea is also a 2013 INK Fellow, a Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship winner, an LG Fellow, and a recent Google Glass Explorer. She holds 3 patents, and her work has appeared in top journals and conferences. Andrea led the 3dim team to win the Grand Prize at the 2013 MIT $100k Entrepreneurship Competition. For her work in next-generation touchless interfaces, she was featured in New Scientist, Times of India, Cosmopolitan, the Wall Street Journal, and Boston Business Journal.

Ahmed Kirmani

Kirmani’s expertise lies in 3D time-of-flight sensors, optical signal processing, and computational imaging. As a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, Kirmani invented a single-pixel 3D camera, a single-photon imager, and a camera that looks around corners. Kirmani holds 5 patents and has over 25 technical publications related to 3D acquisition. For his research and inventions, Kirmani was a 2013 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize Finalist and winner of a Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship, a Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship, and the 2009 David Marr Prize Honorable Mention, awarded for outstanding researcher in the field of computer vision. Kirmani’s work has appeared in popular press including BBC, The Economist, and New Scientist. He obtained the BS degree in Math and Computing from IIT Delhi.

Prof. Vivek K Goyal

Vivek is a principal investigator in the Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT. After completing BS and BSE degrees at the University of Iowa, he received the MS and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, where he received the 1998 Eliahu Jury Award for outstanding achievement in systems, communications, control, or signal processing. He was formerly a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs and senior researcher at Digital Fountain. He holds 18 issued and pending patents, 180+ publications, and several paper awards for signal processing, digital communication, and information theory. Prof. Goyal’s work has received popular press coverage, including BBC Focus, IEEE Spectrum podcast, New Scientist, NPR, and Scientific American.



3dim changes how you interact with your smart devices. We unleash natural interaction by providing the first accurate 3D gesture sensor for the battery-powered mobile device market. 3dim combines novel optical signal processing algorithms with machine learning advances. Our award-winning technology dramatically reduces power and computation requirements and eliminates sensitivity to lighting conditions, making reliable gesture control on the go possible for the first time. Our cameraless, firmware-level solution eliminates the need for additional hardware components and enables rich gestural interaction with all your smart devices, be it your smart phone, your tablet, or your smart wearables. Leave your screen for display and interact in 3D. Gesture is the new touch.



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If you are interested in investment or partnership opportunities with 3dim, please contact us at contact@3dim.io or email Ahmed Kirmani at kirmani@3dimtech.com

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